Monday, September 29, 2008

Pattern: February Lady Sweater
Yarn: Jo Sharp Siliroad Aran
Size Medium
Made For: Me
after frogging this 14 million times coz i kept f'ing up the lace i decided to use stich markers between each of the repeats, my fabulous and cheap alternative to expensive markers is ........... the itti bitti hair elastics that i bought for L's hair :)

Hello World..


so this is it, i now have a blog !!! whoopdy - do :)

so what do i write about ? I knit, i sew, i raise kids, and i work :)

what i've been doing -

I am strating to sew for the summer ahead - Knitting is taking a back seat for a few months, just a few projects to finish, then i will be working on a lace stole for next autumn. My sewing projects are some frocks for me and some shorts and dresses for L and J.

I am making a new cover for our lounge - very vintage, very paisley.