Saturday, October 25, 2008

Farm Love

When I am at work my Daughter goes to my mum and dad's place and JD goes to the babysitter.
Lilli just loves it at nanny and poppy's for one reason and one reason only - Poppy's Cow's
Patting the cows with nanny
Giving bread to them with Poppy

Offering the last piece to her mate

Friday, October 24, 2008

Covered in Knit

So i am now a guerilla knitter - i am joining "covered in knit", my first tagging will be in the near future adn lets just say it's festival themed. I spent last night whipping up my first few tags with hand written messages part of my theme is "bringing the world together, one stich at a time".

G is off fishing this weekend so it's just me and the kido's, not sure how much knitting will get done but i'll be trying.

I have also started my christmas knitting a scarflette for SIL in Rowan summer tweed - such a yummy yarn ...swoon, but need to get my arse into gear so i can have it all done by christmas :)

until next week ....mwah

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


JD was 1 last thursday - very exciting times - we had a BBQ dinner for him and invited some family and friends - he totally loved the cake:)

JD also got his butt in the DEX on Saturday for RNW - and yesterady i had 3 people stop me in the street and enquire about RN's :) + i also got a phone call from a lady who knows me and her son and his partner are having a baby soon and they are intersted WOO HOO for cloth butts :)

Newspaper Article to follow :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miss Lilli turns 3

So saturday was miss Lilli's 3rd birthday we spent the day out and about doing what she had asked (a trip to the Big Banana) and had dinner at McDonalds so she and her friend Jamaica could play in the playground. She was very stoked to get Woody and Jessie pull string dolls and some lightning McQueen stuff but most of all she loved this special shirt that Aunty Rae (SIL) made for her, and why you may ask...." because it has my name on it" ( she always wants those cups/drinkbottles etc that have kids names printed on them but they are always spelt Lily which she is able to recognise is wrong)