Tuesday, February 10, 2009


my rant from friday feels so insignificant following the events in Victoria over the week end - my heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones and to the survivors who have lost there homes.
may time heal all wounds.

Friday, February 6, 2009

a week from hell..

i am so glad this week is finally over.
On monday i spoke with a graphic designer about my store logo and that was really positive and i am really excited about selling some of my stuff, it kind of justifies why i do it in th efirst place.
On tuesday we (G & I) set off on the hour journey to his TAFE orientation day we were due there at 8.30am and needed to be home again by 11am becasue it was V (vasectomy) - Day. so about 10 mins before we pull up at the TAFE i notice G is rubbing his foot on the side of the foot well in the car, i ask him whats wrong and he says -" i think a green ant has bitten me on the foot" i say " don't be stupid how would an ant get in the car??" we pulled up at the TAFE and he said it was still hurting so he hops out of the car and leans back in to check out the foot well for ants and what does he find - A REDBACK SPIDER!!!

He insists on going in and paying his fees and when he returns his getting pain in his groin and back so we rush to the hosptial were we have to sit for 2 hours while they monitor him, he got the works heart monitor SPo2 Monitor everything. they gave him anti-histermine (sp??) needles and pain relief and send us on our way. During this time i had rung our hospital knowing that we wouldn't be back in time for his op and they then cancelled it.

We got home eventually and over the course of the day he deteriorated so off we went to our local hospital they decided that as he had gotten worse and not better they would administer anti-venom, which was fine but ment we had to sit in the hospital for another 5 hours ( this time i was smart enough to bring my knitting), at 11pm i realised i had be increasing in the wrong spot so i had to rip out 3 inches of my sassymetrical gggggrrrrrrrrrr.

Then on wednesday morning JD was not very happy i sent him to Day care to ride out as i had a huge day of work having missed the Tuesday and when i picked him up from day care the day care mum said he had been very irritable needless to say we had an unsettled night on wednesday.

Thursday morning i deciede to take JD to the Dr's and guess what another ear infection (we are on the waiting list for grommets ) poor little bubba>

This morning i woke up fat and bloated and yep surfin' the crimson tide so what did i do to pick myself up - RED SHOES - the fix even the gloomiest mood :) aahhhhh TGIF!