Friday, July 31, 2009

Spinning in the sunshine

I was lucky enough to have today off work to look after JD as his 2 usual carer's were unavailable, I so enjoy his company, it shocked me that this week we have spend 2 days together, just us as Lilli has been at my mum's, this is the first time it has been just to 2 of us for a whole day since i returned to work nearly 15 months ago. He is such a funny little man with a wicked sense of humour, we played puzzles, read books, played cars, hung the washing out together and swung on the swingset.

This morning while he was napping i took the opportunity to take "audrey" outside onto the verandah to spin in the sunshine - it was the most relaxing thing i have done all week, absolute bliss.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Joy of Words on Paper

Excuse the mess - Admire the Books

Monday, July 27, 2009

When small things make your day

Today in the midst of my flu covered brain and aching throat, it's the small things that make me smile.

Like these geraniums that Lillian picked for me out of nanny's garden when we went there for lunch today and like the beautiful little Inner Stitch notebook that arrived in my mail box today accompanied by the latest shade card from Bendigo Woolen Mills - a Mohair, Wool Alpaca Blend.


North Coast Spinner's Camp

Get excited peps - Courtney (the inner stitch) and i are going to be conducting a
"dyeing with food colouring" workshop at the camp !!!!!
This camp is not exculsivly for spinner there are workshops for spinning, knitting and crochet, come along and have an awesome weekend with us :)
To hang out with us check out the blog here North Coast Spinners Camp

Friday, July 24, 2009

Depression - The Art of Falling Apart by Melissa Smidt

This beautiful piece of art work was made by my bosses daughter, i was discussing with him my depression and using knitting as a creative force to mativate myself. He told me of this painting that Mel had done as part of her highschool art project a few years ago - i think it is beautiful and eloquent, haunting and tormenting, and most of all real.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Knit & Fight the Black Dog

This is one of the most difficult posts i think i will ever make but i am at a place and a time where i am ready to talk about it.

Some of you who are closer to me may already know that i have a history of depression, i don't keep is a secret, i just don't use it as a conversation starter :)

About 6 months ago things in my life started to go really down hill, i couldn't sleep but i was exhausted, i couldn't concerntrate on anything for more than 10 minutes at a time, i was very short tempered with my kids and i was worse with my husband, Glenn. I would cry over spilt milk - a dark blanket began to envelope me, it was black and it was heavy and i was lost and i thought it would be better off if it was over.

Always a keen knitting blog surfer, i found a blog by the delightful Meg where she speaks openly and honestly about her battle with depression, i saw alot of myself in what she wrote and i loved her tag "knit and fight the black dog" it hit a cord with me - the only things i could concerntrate on were my knitting and spinning they truly saved me. Another things that helped me was Ravelry and the amazing women i am friends with particulary the Aussie MCN Mummies Group even tho i didn't discuss my problems with them, their constant chatter and support was wonderful, i could always drop in and have a giggle.

Another person that i have shared this time with and i am sure she won't mind me saying is Courtney, she has been my touchstone anytime i am down we netchat and i feel so much better.
I love you Courts xxx

So about 6 weeks ago i spoke to a GP and we started a course of Anti-depressants after 2 weeks of feeling nauseous, tired and having the shakes things physically got better, and in the last 2 weeks things are getting better in every corner of my life. I now have a routine this has help me amazingly to achieve the things i set out to do each day.

I will write more as i feel the need and when the time feels right to discuss things deeper.

Thank You for reading and most of all for understanding.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Work, Knitting, Stress, Spinning, Beauty and Friends

What a week it's had it all.

Last Sunday i spent the afternoon with the Young Textile and Fibre Group which is run by the local Embroidery Guild. The group is aged between 8 and 14 and they are learning to Knit and Felt a small handbag, there were some amazing and creative little bags going on, some deviated somewhat from the pattern that was provided but how can you help dropping and picking up stitches when your giggling and have a great time !!! I did a little presentation on the different types of fibre and showed them how wool comes from a sheep, is processed/carded and spun, we passed around samples and felt the differance between wool and silk and bamboo and angora and mohair they LOVED it, it was a very rewarding afternoon.

WORK - A full on week at work and i am releived to say it's Friday. And that's all i have to say about that.

I have been knitting like a crazy lady on my secret project that is due to be revealed on the 16th of July.

This week also bought to me a moment that i thought would be far off into the future. On Thursday i was blessed enough to have lunch and share the secrets of my LYS with the amazing, beautiful, talented, loving and passionate [Courtney]( There are no words to explain what a wonderful experience this was, clearly the world meant for us to be friends, she has touched my life in a very positive way and i will be forever grateful.

Tonight i am settling down to some more knitting and a nice pot of tea.

And in a little bit of self promotion Knot Your Nanna's Knits has having a 15% off sale from 8pm tonight 3/7/09 til 8pm on Sunday 5/7/09 - check it out :)