Saturday, March 12, 2011

exposed...(not a photographic post)

i feel exposed
and clinical again.

my mind works me into crazy places
i can feel the black waves coming again
and this time
it is my fault
i put myself there.

i feel like i am standing, naked, shivering, in the dark, yet everyone can see.
they don't point
they just watch me drown...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1 month

It's been one month.

My little princess has been a kindergarten- er for 1 month.

This evening I took the opportunity to have a quick flick back through those important
first day of school photo's I* captured.

Goodness me, we have come a long way in 4 weeks.

4 weeks ago - she could write her name, that was about it , a little bit of copying words, but more out of enthusiasm than anything else.

NOW, she can spell words out on a page using nearly every letter in the alphabet,
can add items that are illustrated on a page, and can read 8 sight words,
She is excited and enthusiastic about reading her home readers each night and is already bringing home library books and "reading" them.

I am a proud mummy!!

The night before, she had her uniform and backpack ready to go.

Ready to leave, little brother just as excited as she was.

At nanny and poppy's, getting a bit nervous

With Mummy