Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Crafting and Shopping World

Well the christmas crafting is well underway at our house - 3 gift complete and approx 3 to go.

well the time has come our little town is out of the dark ages and we now have a new shopping centre/mall - my happiest and saddest moment are combined in the fact that we now have a lincraft - happy because we now have some craft selection sad because i wish it was a spotlight :(

G and I are also planning JD's dedication (christening) so i picked up some nice stuff to make invite for that at good prices :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tropical Tree Frog Costume GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tropical Tree Frog Costume GIVEAWAY!!!!

a blog i have been watching for a while that i think everyone should check out, such amazing work :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

my creative space

inspired by the "do you have a craft space?" thread on Ravelry i decided to share my creative space.

i share my creative space with my kids which has its positives and negatives, i can supervise them and craft at the same time but i have to pack stuff up before i leave the room or it becomes play fodder

mmmm.. yes that is shag pile carpet.. it will go.... one day.

and my cheeky little monkey hanging off my sewing chair

My Pidgeon holes which were my grandfathers, he built them for his office and i believe he used it to sort bills etc.

The Yarn Stash

The sewing table with one of said mischief makers already trying to open the drawers

and finally the view from my room.