Monday, February 21, 2011

Market Sunday

Ashby Markets and Sweet Vintage in Yamba
What an awesome Sunday Morning.

Things that made me smile today:
Henry Miller books - $5
Coffee - $4
Chocolate Lips - Complimentary
Alice Cooper - Priceless

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cloud Staring and Butterfly Chasing

My soul feels revived after spending the afternoon
lying on a blanket staring at the sky and chatting with my beautiful friend Flick.
We munched on Chokito Cookies
and watched my 3 children (3,5&33)
catch butterflies in the bug catcher and play on the equipment.
Saturday afternoons just don't get any better that this.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a sunny saturday

with not much to do, or should i say while procrastinating on cleaning all the things today,
i enjoyed a latte @ Gym Beans with Felix and the kidlets, then we headed to the park for some fun, lollipops, jellybeans and crochet. Ahoy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

In celebration of an amazing day of friendship and adventure !

What a fantastic day, books, antiques, boutiques, treasures, food, chatting, laughing and sharing.

there was a schedule; however it was only loosely adhered to.

our first stop was the Maclean Rotary Book Fair - SCORE= 1 BOX of books $5 for Lola and a bag of books for Felix.
Books @ Eclectika, Maclean

second stop was "on the bite"
a delightfully warm and inviting cafe on the main strip in Maclean
- SCORE = 1 x skinny latte for Lola and 1 x skinny flat white for Felix

Skinny Latte @ On the Bite, Maclean

we unswiftly followed out coffee with a visit to "OUR" favorite gem of Maclean "Eclectika"
when Lola became engaged in taking photo's of the unique and beautiful store and Felix engaged in a deep and revealing conversation with "Eclectika's" owner about food and restaurants of the area only to discover that said owner, once owned and ran the most successful restaurant in our region. the things you discover when on an adventure in your own back yard !
Felix @ Eclectika

stop number three, Bangalow and lunch at "ate" OMG the most delicious food.
- SCORE = Pumpkin and burnt spinach lasagna and Organic Lemonade for Lola
hmmm i can't recall a delicious looking pie with crispy brown pastry and an Organic Lemonade for Felix.
Felix deep in the pages of a cookbook @ Ate, Bangalow

Then we wandered the streets and boutiques of Bangalow
giggling, enjoying and embracing the culture of doing not very much.

I have had the most amazing day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Creative Space

My little nook of creativity on a Saturday afternoon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JD goes to (pre) School

My little man started "big" little school today,
and was very excited to be doing so.

He did find his backpack a little heavy
(more on that below)
When we arrived he headed straight for the playdoh table and set to work,
like he had been going there forever.
and when i arrived home from work this afternoon, this is where i found my big boy,
exhausted for his first big day at pre-school.
JD's awesome pre-school sent home a great memory page
it's titled "My Day"
and it includes a list of the things JD did today

- JD likes the bathroom. JD spent a long time washing his hands with soap. JD did this often thoughout the day

- JD was so hungry this morning that he went and found something to eat and sat on the verandah while the other kids played. ( see there was lots of food in that bag)

- JD spent a long time playing with the train set with T, L and H.

- JD showed everyone his big muscles at talking time

- JD sat with H and J to finish his morning tea

- JD is great at waiting his turn

- JD showed everyone that he could sing "Where is Thumbkin" by himself ! WELL DONE JD!

- "I just think pre-school is a crack up" JD said this afternoon.

no tears just BIG smiles from JD and Mummy !!!