Sunday, August 23, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 18 - 23

OK so i have been a little absent this week but i have the most valid excuse eva !!
I have been preparing and spending the weekend at Spinning Camp, it was the most awesome experience EVA.
We crafted, we giggled, we drank, tea ( and wine and scotch??) and learnt new things about ourselves, each other and our common love fibre craft :)

Huge shout out to Courtney, Ellie, Emma, Emily and Amanda you guys ricked my world, i will never look at underwear the same way again.

I can't wait till our next camp :)

So to make up for my picture a day posts I'll post 5 today :) all from awesome moments at camp.

Thumbelina - Courtney's Beautiful Wheel

An experience to dye for: Food Colour Dying with Courtney and I

The delightful results of the Food Colour Dye Class

My Zany Art Yarn : Clown Pubes ( So named by Ellie)

Courtney graciously modelling the Clown Pubes Necklace

these will be so hot next year

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