Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sydney, NDS Forum and Ghosts

I have spent the last 3 days in Sydney for work, at the NDS Employment Forum and Workability International Conference.

I had a most enjoyable time with Mark ( My Boss) on Sunday Night we enjoyed Cocktails and canapes at the Waterfront Restaurant, absolutely beautiful, followed but drinks at Star City.

After a day of information overload on Monday Mark and I headed down the Cadman's Cottage, not discouraged by the rain that was hammering down, to go on our ghost tour !!!

What an amazing and educational experience, i really enjoyed my time trekking around in tiny alley ways, back lanes and cobble stoned streets, Ghost Host Jennifer shared with us the gruesome and horrific stories of early settlement in Sydney.

Now i am a believer, albeit somewhat sceptical of the photo's you often see of "ghosts", it's the photographer in me i guess, there is always a logical explanation for the orbs and lights in photo's, well i am here to say i am a sceptic no more, i snapped many pictures on my little adventure, but i would like to share two notable experiences 1) In one area where i felt there was a strong presence i was unable to take a photograph, my camera would literally NOT take a photo, i changed settings, i tried with flash without flash, but to no avail, we walked up the road 20 mtrs and my camera was fully operational again ???? bizarre???. This was a former boarding house that had seen many tragedies in it's time and is now un-rentable, people move in they stay a matter of days and they move out again, when we concluded the tour we actually walk back past the front of the building and i snapped a quick pic, camera worked but it wasn;t until i looked at the photo on my computer screen this morning and realised, there is a light on in the upstairs window, second from the right ?? this building is empty no one lives there and there definitely was no light on when i took the picture !!!!!

2) in the last location on our tour, as we entered the small and confined former house ( which is now located underneath residential apartments) i could feel and smell a presence, the air was thick and warm, as i descended the stairs in the dark i could feel myself being drawn to a corner of the room, i spent a long time there, in this corner was a "sink" and adjacent was a fire place, it was a kitchen. as i walked around and explored the room and the rest of the house i kept feeling drawn to the corner, i took a photo of the corner from across the room and captured this image:

the large light on the right is my flash light, you can see in the corner the sink, the bright streak across the centre?? unexplainable, is it a ghost? i don't know but i think it is a sign from another realm, strangely after i captured this image i felt more at peace in the house, like i was now welcome.

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