Friday, July 31, 2009

Spinning in the sunshine

I was lucky enough to have today off work to look after JD as his 2 usual carer's were unavailable, I so enjoy his company, it shocked me that this week we have spend 2 days together, just us as Lilli has been at my mum's, this is the first time it has been just to 2 of us for a whole day since i returned to work nearly 15 months ago. He is such a funny little man with a wicked sense of humour, we played puzzles, read books, played cars, hung the washing out together and swung on the swingset.

This morning while he was napping i took the opportunity to take "audrey" outside onto the verandah to spin in the sunshine - it was the most relaxing thing i have done all week, absolute bliss.


Courtney said...

this made me smile in amongst the sniffing and coughing, I would have just layed on the ground in the sun and watched you work your spinning magic.
xx C

knitting sprouts said...

Spinning just smoothes all your edges doesn't it?!